The Hole (1960)

8.5 / Rated by 1 people

132 min.
Plot  Gaspard, a very polite prisoner, is moved to a cell (block 11, cell 6) designed for, and containing, four inmates due to repair works in his block. The cellmates keep busy making cardboard boxes.

Gaspard receives a food parcel from his mistress and has to watch while the guard chops up the sausages and prods the jams, searching for concealed tools.

The four existing cellmates expect long prison sentences, ranging from 10 years to possibly execution by guillotine, and have a pre-existing plan to escape. Gaspard himself is accused of the attempted murder of his wife, and faces a potential 20 year sentence.

Gaspard shares his food parcel with the four and gains their confidence sufficiently for them to reveal their escape plan: digging a hole through the floor to reach the underground passages. The bulk of the film then focuses upon their gradual progress, which results in two men reaching an outer manhole in the public street outside the prison walls. However, ...



Philippe Leroy
Manu Borelli


All Titles

Le trou
French Original Title
The Hole
English Title

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