The Keeper (2018)

7.5 / Rated by 2 people

119 min.
Plot  In 1944, German paratrooper Bert Trautmann (David Kross) is captured while fighting in the forests near Kleve. Transferred to a POW camp in Lancashire, he and his comrades are kept under strict conditions and made to work to repair the damage their country has caused to the surrounding area. Jack Friar (John Henshaw), a local tradesman and manager of non-league side St Helens Town, spots Trautmann keeping goal against other POWs during a trip to deliver treats to the camp commander and bribes the commander into allowing Trautmann to be allowed out of the camp, whereupon he recruits him to player as goalkeeper for his relegation-threatened side. The other players are angered to be asked to play alongside a man who from a country they are still at war with, but with little other option they agree to take to the field. A string of strong performances see the players slowly come to accept Bert's place in the team. As a condition of his continuing appearances Friar agrees to let Bert help w...  


David Kross
Bert Trautmann
Freya Mavor
Margaret Friar
Dave Johns
Harry Melling
Sergeant Smythe
Gary Lewis
Jock Thomson
Michael Socha
Bill Twist
Angus Barnett
Clive Thornton


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The Keeper
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Sakuragi rated Trautmann (2018) with 8.0 stars / 21.05.2020

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