Climates (2006)

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Plot  The film starts on a summer holiday in Ka?, where the couple are barely talking. ?sa is taking pictures of ancient monuments for a perpetually unfinished thesis for the university class he teaches; Bahar watches. At the beach she falls asleep and dreams that he is smothering her in sand. After rehearsing his speech while Bahar is swimming, Isa tells her that he wants to break up. While riding back to the city on a motorbike she suddenly covers his eyes with her hands, which causes the bike to crash, although both of them avoid serious injury. The couple go their separate ways and Bahar tells him not to call.

As fall follows summer, back in Istanbul, ?sa makes contact again with a woman, Serap, with whom he cheated on Bahar before and who is in a relationship with an acquaintance of his. Winter arrives and ?sa dreams of a holiday in the sun, but instead flies to A?r?, the snowy eastern province of Turkey, where Bahar is working as an art director filming a TV series on location...



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