The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

7.25 / Rated by 2 people

91 min.
Plot  A businessman in India fails to catch his train — called "The Darjeeling Limited" — as it pulls out of a station; he is beaten to it by a younger man, Peter Whitman. Peter reunites with brothers Francis and Jack on board, the three having not seen each other since their father's funeral a year prior.

Francis has recently survived a near-fatal motorcycle accident (leaving his face and head covered in bandages), and thus wishes to reconnect with his brothers on a journey of spiritual self-discovery. With the help of his assistant, Brendan, Francis draws up a strict itinerary for the trip and takes his brothers' passports to prevent them from getting off the train too early. Each brother harbors a personal dilemma: Jack is obsessed with his ex-girlfriend and plans to leave the trip to be with her in Italy; Peter's wife Alice is seven months pregnant, and he doubts whether or not he will be a good husband; Francis, though earnest about their journey, is secretly searching for their ...



Owen Wilson
Francis Whitman
Adrien Brody
Peter Whitman
Jason Schwartzman
Jack Whitman
Anjelica Huston
Sister Patricia Whitman
Natalie Portman
Jack's ex
Bill Murray
The Businessman
Camilla Rutherford
Alice Whitman
Barbet Schroeder
The Mechanic
Irrfan Khan
The Father


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The Darjeeling Limited
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